A place synonymous with leaders
and for the struggle of freedom in South Africa

Imagine a place, where one could see the reflection of triumph of the human spirit . As quoted by Ahmed Kathrada (sentenced to Robben Island in June 1964)," While we will not forget the brutality of apartheid, we will not want Robben Island to be a monument to our hardship and suffering. We would want Robben Island to be a monument...reflecting the triumph of the human spirit against the forces of evil." Robben Island is a place, where people can learn from and acknowledge the history of our world. One could pay respect to people of our time that fought for freedom, in this case for human rights. Life for a prisoner on Robben Island was not easy, but life in the old South Africa was not so pleasant either. People of color were treated inhumanly, not permitted on the beaches, in pools, in movies or to practice their own traditions by order of law. The beautiful country of South Africa was segregated by classifications of skin and cultural background.

This is the zero point between ebb and high
tide of the 9.2-inch guns of WWII.
To go to this Island is still an experience of immense power. It is a cold, damp, and lonely island. No source of fresh water and barely any trees or plants. Very little communication could be achieved between the outside world and the inhabitants of Robben Island. The waters surrounding were famous for its stormy and icy conditions where many Great White sharks swam. The stormy weather conditions characteristic to the southern tip of Africa became known as the Cape Of Storms.

Few places in the world symbolise the struggle for freedom against oppression of basic human rights, as Robben Island does. Many of the leading members of South African political parties and business sector were incarcerated there from 1964 to 1991. Including Mr Nelson Mandela.

Many African chiefs and political leaders who were brave enough to stand against this oppression, found themselves spending time within the confines of Robben Island. As one could imagine, tales of heroism and strength of will, became a great source of knowledge and inspiration, to generations that fought for peace.

A place where great men met.

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