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We would also like to thank all the lovely and shining people who look after the precious
Island and who make the trip over there a long lasting and enjoyable experience.

      Whirling Rainbow, giver of life
      through your cleansing rains.
      Uniting all colors, the Children of Earth
      Will walk in peace again.

      Whirling Rainbow prophesy
      Your warriors now arise,
      Sisters and Brothers in harmony,
      Your light in their eyes.

      Whirling Rainbow ,
      Touch our hearts,
      We will surely fly.
      Never lonely or apart,
      Our whirling colors in the sky." Sacred Path.

      I dedicate this site to Nelson Mandela, it is my most fulfilling aspiration that I may meet him one day soon. I have the deepest love and respect for you Madiba, father of our nation.
      Thanking you
      Terri Levin

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